The Basics of Pool Care

And so the first Poolbot was tossed into a murky, green pool in early 2017 and with lots of late nights, tweaking and calibrating the first pool turned from green to clean! What we started with was a bunch of electronics and some kitty litter in a floating lunch box, but it worked and that got us noticed by Sqwidnet – and airport security a few times!”

The Innovation Hub shared our excitement when we were announced as one of the winners of the prestigious GAP ICT Awards in late 2017. We partnered with Sqwidnet (who provides the IoT network we use) and then we started to really gain some momentum.

Since then we successfully raised further grant and private funding and have been refining our prototypes to work out any remaining snags. We have had tremendous success with keeping numerous pools in pristine condition and we look forward to the next stage in our journey with you as our partners in our fight against swampy pools and frustrating test kits.