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Read all about how we started and everything that has happened along the way. We offer insights into pool pain points and how PoolSense solves them all.

Home Automation

Integrate PoolSense with your home automation system.  ProAutomation strives to bring innovative, smart, simple solutions to the connected IoT homes.  Home Assistant is one of the great home automation systems that have already added PoolSense to their integrations with great success. By automating your spa water testing, you can have all your home automation appliances in one place, making life that much easier.  PoolSense publishes data to the cloud via Sigfox in timed intervals so no need for wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.

The Basics of Pool Care

And so the first Poolbot was tossed into a murky, green pool in early 2017 and with lots of late nights, tweaking and calibrating the first pool turned from green

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