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PoolSense Inline smart water monitor

Measure pH, ORP and Temp 24/7

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PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor and App

Monitors your pool & spa water quality at intervals, 24/7 and sends intelligent alerts directly to the PoolSense app on your smartphone, every 24hrs at 18:00.

A smart and Simple solution to:

A clear blue
healthy pool

family time

pool maintenance


Save on energy,
chemicals & time

maintenance costs

Alerts to
your smart phone

Perfect for Pools and Spas

No/easy installation

Just drop the device in your pool or plumb it in, safe and out of sight

Smart App

A user-friendly app with history and dosage recommendations

Extended Battery Life

Minimum 12 months. No charging required.

No Wifi required

Low power WAN technology has coverage virtually anywhere.

Modular Design

Replaceable parts keep long-term costs low. Probes need remote calibration every 6 months.
Probe life minimum 12 months

View pool status, anywhere, anytime.

Keep an eye on your pool from anywhere in the world.

Let's Compare

PoolSense Inline

Out of Site.  Fit and forget.

Easily plumbed into the pvc pipe at the pump 

No risk of damage to the probe

Measures pH, Cl and temperature


PoolSense Floating

Floats in the pool

No Installation 

Take care to keep the probe wet at all times

Measures pH, Cl and temperature

Watch a quick video on how to activate or reset your PoolSense

The PoolSense device uses the global Sigfox network to communicate with the cloud and send intelligent alerts to your smart phone. Your purchase includes the first year’s data downloads. After one year, an annual connection subscription needs to be purchased at $60 per annum.

Check if you have Sigfox coverage in your area

Awards and Testimonials

Innovation Hub Gap award